What is Odoo?

Odoo is the world's fastest growing ERP  

Odoo is a comprehensive ERP and enterprise software that manages almost everything your business needs: finance, production, inventory, fieldwork, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, projects, contracts, hiring, marketing and HR.  

With Odoo, the so-called "one system tactic" is successful. With one software, you manage and manage all company processes from leads to sales, production, delivery, invoicing and customer service - also mobile.

You don't need expensive and difficult-to-maintain integrations, and you don't have to worry about transferring data between different systems, because Odoo takes care of everything.

Despite its scope and versatility, Odoo is very user-friendly and so easy to learn that it has even been praised as intuitive.

Odoo is open & independent 

Odoo software is open to all and independent of individual suppliers' business decisions. It cannot suddenly disappear from the world map.

The system is constantly being developed by a global community of experts, making it a vibrant and ever-evolving solution .

Odoo always has local support available because of an extensive international partner network.

Open source is visible to everyone and developers have professional pride in their own work. In the event of potential software bugs, the entire thousand-headed developer community has the ability to fix it quickly.

Open source guarantees that technology will continue to play a strong role in global competition.


The software scales and evolves, and clients can deploy applications step-by-step. Also, Odoo can be seamlessly integrated with other software.

Odoo's core functionality includes hundreds of audited modules, and the Odoo App Store gives access to thousands of additional modules developed by the Odoo developer community. Many of these are completely free.  At SprintIT, we have also created our fair share of these Apps.

At its simplest, the modules are small add-ons to existing applications. At their broadest, the modules are so-called industry verticals that cover the specific needs of an entire industry. 

Odoo Apps Store 

Odoo is safe

Because the code is open, it is also of good quality. Long-available systems, such as Odoo, have been audited through the eyes of many professionals and potential security holes have been patched.

Open source is no different from the security of licensed applications. The connections are SSL tunneled, such as bank connections, and the service can be placed in a customer environment.

Odoo permissions are based on user groups that can control access to various data at both the object and field level. All functions require strong authentication. 

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