You are supported by our Sprinter package!

We offer comprehensive occupational health care services, lunch benefit, culture vouchers and many little things that support our employees’ well-being. There are some differences in the PTOs between Finland and India, and also Finland has the bicycle benefit by, but otherwise we are very much equal. 

We work in a 'hybrid, flexible and ready to listen' mode - you know best how, when and where you get things done!

We organize extracurricular activities to do together and we always encourage our employees to establish a good balance between their work and free-time (we know we are not your family or hobby).

Basic benefits aside, we aspire to form a real community around you. Our entire Sprinter team has your back in the daily life, helping you out with Odoo, sharing knowledge across team lines with broken English, spending time on coffee breaks, coming up with new inside jokes and celebrating your achievements (that probably end up in our social media) with genuine joy.

We want to make you feel at home away from home - after all, you will spend quite a lot of time here with us - and feel safe to communicate your needs, worries and ideas. 

Lastly, if you become a Sprinter and love it here, consider bringing a friend. You'll receive a referral bonus for successful full-time employee referrals, following company guidelines. It's not a formal benefit, but good to know!