It's us, Sprinters - opening our sources!

This is your chance to get to know us, our daily lives, our work and achievements - and Odoo, the cool kid in the world of open source ERP.

Being a growing IT company, there is always so much going on! Good days, bad days, fun days, overloaded days, more people, more events, more to learn, weird memes to share…

At the end of the day, work takes out a really big part of our life, doesn’t it? What makes everything worth it, is the culture. Money and benefits are great and all, but it’s the people, the atmosphere, and license to be who you are that matter the most!

These stories on this page are our gentle attempt to show you some of our culture, in both Finland and India - what is going on inside our offices and inside our heads. Since we are all about open source here, we shall call these stories "Open your source" stories!

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Open your source, Viki

What better way to start telling our Sprinter Stories, than first interviewing the Team Player of the Year 2021, Viki Chavada!

Viki has been working with us since March 2019, but he just moved to Finland from our India office this August.

This python-professional is a man of peace and calm, but also full of talent, curiosity, travel dreams and office yoga poses to die for.

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