Recruitment Process

Recruitment made easy

By following our five easy steps, you will start your dream job at SprintIT in no time!

First contact

First meeting


Second meeting


First contact

 Yay! First meets always give you that little buzz in your stomach, don't they? Our first point of contact might differ but what we love is if there is any interest, just bravely reach out to us by either sending your application for a specific role or to our open application pool. 

We will review each application carefully and see if your potential would fit to other roles as well. 

Sometimes you might get approached directly by us - that means there is  something truly unique in your skills and it has been noted! 

If you have any questions related to our recruitment process, feel free to contact us: 

First Meet

The first actual meet is often done remotely in this hybrid time of age. You usually meet the Hiring Manager (Team Lead / Coach) and someone from our People Team. This is your chance to challenge us with all your tough questions!

In the first meeting we want to get to know you and learn about your future aspirations; what drives you forward and how you  would  see yourself driving the SprintIT success. We will get to understand your expertise further and also  tell you more about SprintIT.

We have multiple nice offices - HQ in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, but also in Tampere (Crazy Town) and Vadodara, India. If you wish to come and check them out already at this stage, let us know! 


Most of our roles are technical or complex, so many times we will ask you to complete an assignment. It is done by Sprinters to potential Sprinters, work-oriented and with a time limit, usually several days to finish it. We understand that you might have a life too, so no need to spend more time on it! We have a team of techies checking the assignments and we will provide full detailed feedback to you in return for your effort - even in the case of not continuing further with you.

This is a very concrete opportunity to get to know us and Odoo more. 

Second Meet

After we have got to know you and loved your assignment, there is still one step left - meeting the team with the Team Lead / Coach. You will receive the feedback from the assignment, get to ask us more questions and we get to know you even better. 

Also before the meet, you'll have received a culture questionnaire which we will go through with the team and the People Lead. There you will truly understand what kind of environment you could be joining and where we are developing ourselves in the future. 


Signing the contract is always a two way deal; can we provide something that the other one appreciates and can grow further from? In the proposal we present the benefits again and provide a contract proposal for you to e-sign. There is time for you to ask further questions and decide on the starting date. Onboarding will start immediately after signing by answering the Onboarding Questionnaire.

Now it is time for you to take a comfy seat and get your hands dirty with us!