SprintIT Employer Promise

Our company mission goes in short: "We make ERP easy".  When we add Odoo and open source to it, we might elaborate: "Sprinters is who we are, Odoo is what we do, we make ERP easy".

However, to be able to make ERP easy for our clients, we as a company don't go easy on ourselves. Sprinters give the company and the clients their best skills. In return, SprintIT promises to make Sprinters' lives easy by the following ways.

Dear Sprinter, we promise you that...

We take care of everybody as individuals and teams

With your own team and the Sprinter community around you, you are never left alone. We win and learn together. 

With our many 
benefits, tools to control your workload, pulse surveys to see how you are doing and Team Leads who stay up-to-date with your projects, we make an effort to take good care of your well-being and work-life balance. 

Read more about our culture 

We root for a culture where people dare to come as they are

We provide a range of internal channels and opportunities to openly or anonymously communicate, give ideas, share knowledge, ask for help and offer support among Sprinters. 

We enjoy sharing our daily life and showing what we are like in social media, but we do respect the privacy of those Sprinters who wish to stay out of it. 

Needless to say, we celebrate our diversity and different ways of working: there are many nationalities and cultural backgrounds at SprintIT, we have offices in Finland and India, and together we speak over 5 languages. We find strength in our differences and we learn from each other every day!

We provide meaningful work and opportunities to grow

We want to ignite your motivation and refuel it! Let us know what's driving you in our one-to-one discussions and meetings with your coach, and we will do our best to help you grow in the right direction. What kind of projects interest you the most, what do you want to learn? We are listening!

We have fun together as much as possible

We organise company-wide events monthly, seasonally and spontaneously, and try to keep it versatile as well so there's something nice going on for everyone (task for our culture and events club Spark and other active Sprinters). In addition, the teams have their own team days.