SprintIT values

Sprinters: Caring Team of Professionals 

Our values describe how we do things, and how we should be doing things. They influence almost every aspect of our lives - we can do decisions based on them and with them. Values refer to the means or how we can achieve the desired results.

Company values serve as pervasive standards, shaping our behaviors in various life aspects. They influence our responses, commitments, time management, teamwork, and guide us towards desired outcomes. Unlike vision, which looks to the future, values focus on the means to achieve results. Establishing core values enables teams to build trust and psychological safety, embrace risk-taking, encourage learning and growth, and enhance a sense of inclusion and commitment.

Get to know our polished values and what they look like in our daily lives:

Care: We care about our colleagues, our customers, the impact we can make, and ourselves.

2) Professional: We aim to add value with our work for our clients and our colleagues.

3) Team: We actively communicate and trust our colleagues and clients because, as a team, we thrive and continuously improve.

What does Care mean?

  • supporting and respecting colleagues
  • caring about customer issues
  • taking care of ourselves
  • taking action/offering help when we see someone struggle
  • situational awareness

It does not mean

  • hiding from difficult situations or not facing problems
  • saying yes to everything

To make "caring" concrete in our daily lives, we

  • ask how our colleagues are doing
  • always use English internally
  • turn to each other to seek guidance
  • prioritize and schedule our own workloads 

Being Professional in a nutshell

  • commitment
  • communication
  • quality
  • coming prepared
  • following processes

It does not mean:

  • being available 24/7

To make sure this value stays true in our daily life, we

  • organise knowledge sharing sessions
  • share and maintain best practices and ways of working
  • seek guidance from our internal Sprinter Playbook
  • follow quality processes

What it means to be a Team?

  • "Team before I"
  • delivering on commitments or communicating when not able to
  • accountability, trust and cooperation
  • team days and team building

It does not mean

  • silos between teams
  • excluding yourself from others
  • only focusing on clients

How to nurture the "team" mentality every day:

  • open and honest communication
  • knowledge sharing sessions, monthly and weekly meetings
  • Slack channels (technotes and discussions)
  • open mics and other events (Spark community group)

To  integrate these values into daily practices, decision-making processes, and leadership behaviors even better, we use OKRs (Objectives and key results, a way to setting goals) as our metrics in company-level. 

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