Our Community Group, Spark
Building a stronger and happier workplace

A dedicated Community Group was formed in the end of 2021 to further enhance SprintIT's commitment to employee welfare. It was named Spark as a result of an internal vote, and it has already done two full circles around the sun as a group.

Today, Spark has 8 voluntary Sprinters  as members, and three of them are the official Occupational Health and Safety electees (the representative and two deputies). After some growing pains and troubles with finding focus, the group is now functioning like a well-oiled machine - or at least getting close!

Spark aims to create an open and inclusive culture and they facilitate important conversations about company culture and related topics. With mental health as their central theme, Spark strives to promote well-being, encourage open discussions, and strengthen social cohesion. Spark is also the executive force when it comes to organising casual events outside the office.

Focus in mental health and creating a supportive culture

Spark acknowledges the critical role of mental well-being and the challenges employees might face. 

In addition to our existing resources, Spark offers a range of initiatives to prioritize mental health, equipping employees to handle workplace stress and excel in their roles. 

Emphasizing open conversations, the group provides support and works to reduce the stigma surrounding difficult topics. With a deep understanding of the complexities and sensitivities involved, Spark is dedicated to maintain an environment where every employee feels valued, heard, and supported, thus promoting the overall well-being of the workforce.

Spark is all about...

Communication and speaking up

Spark strives to create multiple channels, both open and anonymous, for employees to discuss work, company culture, off-topics, and new ideas. They encourage dialogue and provide examples to promote open communication throughout the organization.

Boosting social cohesion and inclusion

Spark organizes many team events to strengthen social cohesion among Sprinters. In addition to monthly casual activities outside the office, they facilitate discussions on important themes, providing opportunities for employees to engage and connect.

Some examples of Spark's achievements

Idea box

Spark has implemented a digital Idea Box to collect suggestions from Sprinters to enhance work and office life. 

Leaving an idea to the "box" is anonymous, and Spark goes through them in their meetings bi-weekly.  They ensure that every idea and wish is discussed, taken forward and/or implemented right away. 

Many times the ideas are about getting something new to the office, e.g. gym equipment, different kind of coffee or hygienic products to the restrooms. Sometimes the ideas are about organising different events, like a table tennis tournament, or discussing a specific topic.

Open mics and other ways to connect

Spark organizes Open Mic events that provide a platform for employees to engage in open discussions and personal sharing. 

These events have already covered thought-provoking topics such as "making mistakes" and "ability to say NO,". 

Building upon the positive response, SprintIT is committed to offering more similar opportunities to connect and share experiences. We even had our very first Management Q&A just recently, where the Sprinters could ask the management team anything. 

Read about the management Q&A session

Having fun in many ways

Every month, Spark organizes exciting and engaging events that bring the team together. 

From thrilling activities like karting and paddling to more creative pursuits like Paint and Wine and glass blowing, Spark ensures that there is something for everyone. They also promote physical fitness through events like climbing, disc golf and even an OCR Ninja Course. And bubble football probably was the most hilarious activity ever!

Looking ahead, Spark has exciting plans for upcoming events, including karaoke, game nights and outdoor adventures.

These events provide opportunities for employees to relax, have fun, and build lasting connections outside the workplace.

Introducing the Sparkers

This group will run the Spark until the end of the year, after which an opportunity is presented for new volunteers to become involved. 

At the moment, there are Project Manager Nestori, Team Lead Petra, Project Manager Natalija, Odoo Developers Viki and Himani, Marketing & EB Specialist Henna (with People Lead Janina who is usually taking part in the meetings), Customer Success Specialist Petri and Project Manager Riitta.