Interviewing Solutions Architect Tatiana
Sprinter of the year 2023, Caring Champion 2022, a colleague praised by everyone

Every year, we vote for Sprinter of the year, and Tatiana always receives a bunch of votes. Phrases like "she's the ultimate professional" and "she's always ready to help" keep on repeating themselves. 

See the video to hear her side of the story, and perhaps you will also get excited about the possibility to become a Sprinter yourself - we are on the lookout for new ERP/Odoo Solutions Architects as we speak! Read more about the job in Finnish or English.

The "Calm" Architect who keeps on winning

Tatiana was laughing hard when her colleagues claimed in their comments that she is "calm". But there is definitely truth to it! When it comes to work, she is the most patient team mate you could wish for. She's always there to support her peers, even when they are making mistakes or keep asking the same questions.

She also tells in the video how the coveted prize (wooden bird box and silver plates on it) represents us, and how she wishes that next year there would be multiple names winning this prestigious award!

See the video on the left and check the funny blooper reel below!

Bloo, bloo, blooper reel?

"Are you already filming?"

"Today is our yearly award, putting thingy into a wood box"

"It's not like I was ready for this interview"

"Let's be serious for once!"

"Silver plate, which is not actual silver"

And don't miss the surprise cameo by Viki and a balance board trick in the end!

Haemme uutta ERP/Odoo-ratkaisuarkkitehtiä nyt myös suomeksi!

Tatianakin opiskelee suomea, mutta tarvitsemme joukkoomme silti lisävahvistusta!