Management Q&A
Sprinters "asking anything" from the management team

In June 2023, we organised a Management Q&A session at the office. The purpose was clear: to ensure that everyone knows the management team members and perceives them as approachable as any colleague. This event served as a unique opportunity to showcase our commitment to practicing what we preach – embracing an open culture and a low hierarchy. 

Introducing the management team 

First things first, let's see who is in the management team, from left to right:

Konsta Aavaranta, CFO

Petri Heino, Partner, Continuous Services Lead (one of the founders)

Janina Kurki, People Lead

Marko Happonen, Partner, Sales & Marketing Lead (one of the founders)

Joni Kahila, Project Delivery Lead

Roy Nurmi, Partner, CEO (one of the founders)

Kudos to them all for making this session happen!

Q&A or roast?

One of the defining features of this Q&A was the option for employees to anonymously submit their questions beforehand. This allowed individuals to voice their thoughts without fear of repercussions or judgment. 

While the management team may have been secretly hoping for insightful inquiries, there was also a lingering sense of danger that the session might turn into a good-natured roast.

Nonetheless, they showed their commitment to transparency and openness by addressing all questions, no matter how tough they were. 

"If you had to participate in a reality TV show..."

The questions asked during the Q&A session covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the personal interests and hobbies of the management team outside of work to their wildest dreams for SprintIT. Who knew Petri Heino's wildest dream was just to have all the Sprinters at the office at the same time (mission almost accomplished!).

The session provided an opportunity for employees to gain deeper insights into the personalities, aspirations, and achievements of their leaders. 

The question with the most applause and laughter was probably "If you had to participate in a reality TV show, what show would it be and why?". The answers varied from food and travel shows to Apprentice and Survivor. 

On a more serious note, we also inquired about the potential sale of the company in the near future, their plans for acquiring other companies, and their strategies for preserving our cherished culture while navigating rapid growth.

Unleashing the inner artists

In a light-hearted twist, the Q&A also included a drawing task. 

As employees listened to the answers, the management team was invited to unleash their inner artists and sketch each other on a piece of paper. 

We couldn't be happier with the results and will probably publish all the artwork in our social media. 

More to come?

With Henna and Natalija serving as hosts and speaking on behalf of those who wished to remain anonymous, the session exceeded expectations in breaking down unnecessary barriers. 

What initially held the potential for nervousness quickly transformed into an engaging conversation.

To be completely honest, while we didn't shy away from asking the tough questions, as the clock ticked during the 45-minute session, time slipped away, and we found ourselves only scratching the surface. We ended up keeping it relatively easy this time, saving the more challenging questions for the next session...

So save your appetite, and stay tuned for the next chapter in our quest for transparency and collaboration!

Snapshots by Leticia

Our Letti was behind the camera, here are some of our favorite photos:

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