Odoo and SprintIT, best pals!
Interview by Odoo at OXP 2022 with our partner Marko and Solutions Architect Johan.

SprintIT is Odoo's biggest partner in the Nordics (as we write this, we are also in the top 11 in the entire Europe when it comes to references). Odoo and us go wayyyyy back, and in addition to being able to call ourselves Gold Partner, we have been nominated twice in the category of Best Odoo Partners in Europe. 

It goes without saying that every time we have a chance to go see our Belgian friends in person, we are up for it!


Last October, in the Odoo Experience event, our key Odoo representative Kruno sat down with our partner Marko and Solutions Architect Johan for a little interview.  

Listen in to learn more about: 

  • the vision and background of SprintIT as company
  • why do we like Odoo so much
  • what makes us special in comparison to other partners
  • what is heart-to-heart project management ?
  • the challenges we have with Odoo now
  • how we see the future

In the video above we referred to our client Texa a couple of times. They had a presentation at the same event, why not take a look at that as well:


Our client Texa at OXP: 
A security company greatly improves its efficiency with Odoo

Due to TEXA's rapid growth, planned development projects lagged behind because of slightly outdated IT systems. The old software did not adapt to TEXA's needs or was very expensive to develop. With Odoo, this problem has disappeared. Now, development ideas are easy to implement due to a modern open-source operating system.

The implementation was carried out in small, fast sprints, and below the given budget.  Previously, TEXA used to have separate systems for CRM, sales, projects, and field services. Now everything is handled in Odoo.


Our Solutions Architect Tatiana making hard questions after a presentation 

We just can't leave this OXP video behind, because it features our Solutions Architect Tatiana in the end. 

Skip to 13 minute mark or see the clip here :D