Introducing HR Assistant Julia Palonen
What does an HR Assistant do at SprintIT? What makes her happy here? See the video!

In the tech-centric world of SprintIT, where developers, architects and project managers usually get the spotlight, you probably guessed it: there are many unsung heroes and heroines who operate behind the scenes and make this thriving business possible. HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales form the backbone of SprintIT, supporting essential functions and fueling our growth. 

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to Julia Palonen, our HR Assistant.

She started in the beginning of this year (2023) and has been a vital part of our recruitment process and growth. She didn't know Odoo beforehand, and wasn't familiar with ERPs in general, but she quickly familiarized herself with them, and is now using Odoo herself every day. 

In addition to her main responsibilities, Julia consistently goes the extra mile and does magic to our company culture: offering support to other teams, helping with organizing events, and so on. 

But enough about this intro, let's give the stage to her - see the video!

Thank you, Julia!

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