Introducing Operations Manager Siddique
Driving smooth operations at the Vadodara office

Say hello to our fresh Operations Manager, Siddique Momin! He visited our Helsinki office from the Vadodara office during August and September, and sat down for a little interview.

Say it in a video!

Siddique started in SprintIT in May 2023 and after some initial hassles he has found his place both in the India team and the Finnish team, bringing everyone together with his calm and intelligent energy.

What is his background, what does an Operations Manager actually do, how has the journey been so far, how different is the Finnish work culture in comparison? 

See the video and let him introduce himself to learn more!

And that's not all, folks! 

We also want to know about Siddique's free-time, so let's keep this going in writing! 

Do you like spending free-time with Sprinters?

Yes, I do. I like discussing many topics with them and I do spend quite a lot of time with them. We have regular chitchats and coffee breaks together, which helps building stronger relationship within the team.

With the current India team, we've also had couple of events going outside the office together. This fall, we went bowling and we also had a team outing in Mount Abu. It's important to have this kind of work-life balance even inside the work team!

After three weeks' stay in Finland, what is your best free-time memory from there?

We had this Amazing Sprinter Race in the Helsinki city centre. It was fun and my team won! Thank you for organising it!

What about outside of work? How do you spend your time?

I spend my free-time with my family, I'm very much attached to my kids and my better half. So whatever free-time I get, I spend it with them. Every once in a while we do have friends reunions as well, but mostly my weekends and holidays are with the family.

We are also looking for new Odoo Developers to our India office, any last words regarding that?

We at SprintIT Oy are a Caring Team of Professionals. Want to be part of Sprinters? Here is your chance!

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Thank you so much, Siddique!

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