Improving employee performance and psychological safety
"Teamspective made it possible to quickly and reliably see how our new development discussion process impacts employee experience, and also discover in more detail which parts of the process improved the most.”  by Janina Kurki, People Lead

With our growing headcount across multiple locations and countries, we wanted to get better visibility into employees’ feelings and employee performance. We turned to Teamspective!

Getting started

The start of collaboration was quick and smooth: People Lead Janina Kurki signed up to Teamspective and had a call with their experts to learn about the best way to get started successfully. The following week, the first insights about employee experience were ready to be discussed.

We started running pulse surveys on a weekly basis. As more insights kept coming in, psychological safety turned out to be a key topic highlighted in the results and Teamspective’s automated recommendations. Another improvement area discovered via pulse results was clarity of goals

Taking action

After identifying focus areas, we decided on two main action points.

First, we wanted to educate our employees about psychological safety, its impact on everyone at the workplace, and the role of each employee in improving it. Though management teams had to take the lead on improving the issue, it was important to emphasize that results will be achieved through joint efforts. We decided to invite Teamspective’s experts to host an online workshop where these themes were discussed.

Second, to improve clarity of goals, we implemented a new development discussion process. The objective was to ensure every employee has regular meetings with their manager to get development-supporting feedback and to have an opportunity to talk about the most important focus areas in their roles. At the same time managers received new guidance and support for having these discussions with their team members.

Tangible impact

In just 2 months, we launched Teamspective, identified improvement opportunities with pulse surveys, implemented development discussions and workshops, as well as validated significant improvement with fresh pulse results.

  • 45% of employees reported that they now have a more clear focus at work
  • 27% more employees reported high psychological safety after a Teamspective workshop

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